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I got the pleasure of using the Circular Soccer goal at Centre last week and what a great product it is. Can be used by all ages on any surface and it’s easy to set-up. It only took the kids around 40 seconds to assemble.

It has been specifically designed to be stable on any surface from your back garden to the street, park or beach or from a football pitch and indoor hall to a 3G or 4G playing surface.

The TriGoal™ is a three sided soccer net which folds down into a neat circle that fits easily into the bag in which it is supplied. The design uses pop-up technology which means it pops up and folds down easily and can be taken out of the bag, assembled and ready to play in less than a minute. The whole pack is 7kg in weight which is light enough to throw over your shoulder or throw into the boot of your car and take Circular Soccer with you wherever you are going. The 20 orange silicone discs allow you to make the playing space as open or as tight as you like.

What’s included:
  • The TriGoal™ – World’s first three-sided pop-up net
  • 3x 1kg corner rubber weights for multi-surface
  • 20x orange “No-go zone” silicone discs
  • 3x large blue “Restart” silicone discs
  • 3x steel pegs to use on grass
  • Handy shoulder bag to contain everything


Designed by a retired obstetrician who is a life long lover of the game. Believing he had a great idea, he did some research. When he couldn’t find anything they realised we might be on to something and two major themes started to dominate their thoughts…..

Could this help kids be better soccer players?

Could we help address childhood obesity?

So, that’s what they aimed to do. Create a game that helps coaches and teachers enhance kids soccer skills and also something that is fun and gets them outdoors playing a fast paced game that helps keep them fit and healthy.

“We have developed Circular Soccer specifically to get people playing a higher tempo style of football that encourages creativity and enjoyment”. – Jackie Evans Circular Soccer Development Director & Ex-Manchester United Youth Academy Coach

The Goal

What I like the most about this product is it get kids moving quickly and teaches them to defend in relation to the position of the ball and location of the goal. It also includes a number of game related exercises which range from attacking to defending. Using skill and speed.

This product will enhance a players intelligence, quick thinking, decision making and creativity.

Click on the short video of the two brothers testing the goal out at The Coach House After School

At the very heart of Circular Soccer are the core principles of creativity and innovation for both coaches, teachers and players.

The aims of the product are: 
  • To get more players taking up the game of football;
  • To help produce technically excellent football players with exceptional decision making skills;
  • To be an active part of engaging and encouraging developments in grassroots football;
  • To be a key aid in the development of small-sided games;
  • To be a global concept/product for all within the game to enjoy;
  • To aid fitness and sports skills.

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