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The Little Team of Stars

Could you ever imagine coaching a team that never wins a game or never evens scores a goal and usually is on the end of a 10-0 thrashing. Could you imagine what the drive home in the car would be like for some of these players.

Quote “The tiny stars of Margatania FC are not giants on the pitch nor off. They’re an under-7 squad who will freely admit that goals aren’t their thing. But you don’t see any of the tantrums or soccer spats that mar the professional game in these true sportsmen. They may be young, their only goal of the year may have come in their last game of the season, but they truly love the game.

The ‘Little Team’ featured in this short film remind us of all that is truly great in sport: Teamwork – Positive attitude and Respect”.

The team was formed when two schools from the Catalan city of Vilanova i la Geltrú not to far from Barcelona pooled their resources:

“As congratulations from around the world were posted to the team’s website on their Vimeo appearance, they finally scored a goal — making it 271 conceded – 1 scored for the season. The blog post (below) is abridged and translated from Catalan:

“Last game of the season, and things changed a lot since the first game. All of us have learned the meaning of teamwork, and are increasingly learning the value of what we each do in different positions; helping each other and appreciating the work of our keeper who dares to stand between the sticks. Although everyone was happy with the results of this season, the team deserved that goal.

It looked increasingly clear [in the last game] that the goal could come at any time. Those charged with getting it were Gerard and Emma, ​​but we needed to make a pass before shooting on goal. I called, I told them it was time and gooooooooooool!

At last, we have finally got this long-awaited goal [through] Emma.

Now we can finish the season happy, giving joy to the parents who have been at every game and helped the team to keep their heads up — and joy to the players of Margatània.

Thank you children!”

A beautiful video of children enjoying themselves and really does put into context that soccer is just a game and enjoyed by all no matter what level they play at, WIN or LOSE the kids always have FUN!


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