Benefits of Small Sided Games on Youth Players is Consequential

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) announced major changes to the game of football (soccer) today that has sent shock waves through all the major leagues and national federations.  Effective immediately the following changes will be made to all FIFA sanctioned matches:

•The height of the goal is now going to be 10 feet high and the 30 feet wide
•Regulation pitch dimensions will now be at a minimum of 165 yards by 124 yards
•The penalty box will be 23 yards instead of 18 yards
•All penalty kicks will now be taken from roughly 16 yards away

FIFA President Sepp Blatter would not comment on the changes. However, a high-ranking FIFA official stated off the record, “Adults expect young kids to play soccer on a large pitch to make it look like real soccer. What we have done is simply expand the pitch dimensions, so that adults can enjoy the same competitive experience.”

Clearly, an excellent player like Lionel Messi could not withstand the pressures of such a big field for 90 minutes. Goalkeepers like Iker Casillas or Petr Čech would hold their head in sorrow, as they would no longer be able to keep a clean sheet.

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By: IMSoccer News