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This is an interview I did with Blue print football last month, click on the link under the first two questions which will bring you to Blue print’s website where you can read the rest of it.

Like many other coaches, Antonio Mantero has very strong beliefs regarding youth football and where his country’s culture is lacking.  What distinguishes him from many others, however, is the fact that he is doing something about it.  Through his site The Coach Diary he puts out (or links to) articles that outline his ideas and he’s now also organising talks about youth development.

But more of that later.  For now, here is his blueprint…

Blueprint for Football: Let’s start with the basics: what got you into coaching and how long was that?

Antonio Mantero: My nephew was playing with Bohemians and I was introduced to the Academy Director, he had mentioned that the u12s were looking for an assistant and asked would I be interested. Without really thinking about it I decided to help out. In the very first week, the manager decided to leave the team which left me on my own. So to say my very first season coaching football was difficult, is an understatement. I was coaching and managing with zero experience and that experience lead me to where I am today.

BfF: What project are you working on at the moment?

AM: Via my blog, I will continue to express my feelings on how the game in Ireland is not age specific and how the FAI and the league administrators could be doing so much more for the development of kids in this country. Many coaches in Ireland are adopting the change but nearly all the schoolboy leagues around Ireland continue to be years behind where they should be. On Monday March 25th, I organised a talk about the Future of Youth Development in Irish Football, which was the first of such talks, which are completely free for anyone to attend. The emphasis will be on youth development and changing the structure of the leagues around Ireland.

click on the link to view the rest of the interview Blue Print Football

The Blueprint According To… is a monthly feature looking at youth football coaches and the philosophies that drive them.  Read more on the Blueprint for Football newsletter.

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