Colaiste Ide: ‘Set me up for Life’, A Jon Carroll Story

I spent two years at Colaiste ide studying sports and like Jon still have contact with some of the guys a hung out with. If you have an interest in Sports, Fitness or even Coaching, then this might be the course for you.

Here’s Jon’s story, from Colaiste Ide to life as a coach.

Colaiste Ide is today known as one of the best resources for American college coaches looking to recruit players to play in the college setting. Jim Conroy and Danny Crowley have to turn people away due to the courses popularity in Ireland. The groundwork was put in by Jim, originally running the course on his own back in the early days of the program. After doing my Leaving Certificate back in 1999 I had no clue what I wanted to do. My points on the leaving had me half way to being a doctor. So close! After seeing a special on Irish television highlighting the purpose of the course my mind was made up.

Everyone who attends Ide will come across a number of things that will stay with them forever. Jim’s no nonsense attitude and the craic between everyone on the course. I can only speak for my year but to have characters like Niall McGuirk, Karl “Munchkin” McCabe, Jimmy McEntee and Stuey Murray, we were blessed for people to keep us entertained. Niall was particularly good at keeping us entertained. There was also different types of characters who made up the rest of the team. It was a team with huge morale and confidence.

You can read the rest of his post here Colaiste Ide

Jonathan has also written a book about Scholarships to the USA “Earn and Keep a Scholarship to the USA” 

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