Visit to Our Ladies Children’s Hospital – Crumlin

May 18, 11 Visit to Our Ladies Children’s Hospital – Crumlin

Just back from a visit to Our Ladies Children’s hospital, where we dropped some tickets off for the match tonight, just waiting in the reception was hard enough, the amount of children coming in and out with various conditions made it hard not to be emotional.

To then be told of the problems this man and his family have had over the last 2 years with sick children was unbelievable, I was lost for words. I can say I have no problems in comparison to this man and his family. I hope they can laugh and smile tonight at the game.

We really should appreciate these bundles of joy more, I know sometimes I get cross over the smallest of things with my girl and should really chill-out more. The same goes for the players we coach, they entered into this sport to primarily have fun and be around their team mates, many adults take that fun away and spoil it for the kids.

So the next time your screaming at the top of your voice, kicking every pass for entire game, take a step back and let them play, let them make decisions for themselves, let them be kids and most of all let them have FUN! Observation will tell you more about your team than screaming or shouting can ever.

I hope everyone enjoys the game tonight.

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