Ten rules for parents from 1974

Aug 28, 15 Ten rules for parents from 1974

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I got this information Glenn Mulcahy and it seems not much has changed in terms of parents involvement in their child’s sport. “Ten rules for parents of athletes” below written by Lloyd Percival, a coach in Canada during the 50’s and 60’s who worked with numerous athletes who became national champions...

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Things Coaches Do That Drive Parents Crazy

We all have the things that parents do that drive us crazy but here are somethings that coaches do that make parents a little annoyed about how we go about coaching their child (ren). Over the years I have received many emails and phone calls in relation to coaching children or not coaching children. “Players should be seen...

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Helping your child enjoy and stay in sport….

Mar 06, 15 Helping your child enjoy and stay in sport….

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I regularly get calls from parents asking for advice on trying to keep their child in sport. Which in a lot of ways can be one of the most difficult challenges parents face particularly as they get older. The first thing to consider is does the child actually want to play sport. I find with a lot of parents is they feel an...

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20 ways parents can help their children have a better sports experience

As the seasons go by more and more parents are attending their child sports. Whether it be organised football or sports day in school, you can be sure parents will be there. Parents have a right to watch their children but they should also respect the fact that many people give up their spare time to help children succeed and stay...

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Coaching your own child – The parent-coach, child-player relationship.

As many as 90% of all volunteer coaches are parent coaches. There has been 2/3 major studies in this area of coaching both showing positive and negative results. So many coaches start out as regular parents standing on the sideline every weekend cheering on their son or daughter. Little did they know that several days later they...

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Players Pledge

Last week it was the parent’s turn to take the pledge and be a supportive parent. Responsibility also falls on the players to commit to their game, do the best they can possible do and respect the opposition, their fellow players and the officials. “When I grew up, it was children competing against children. Now, more often...

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Take The Pledge, 16 Elements in support of your child’s sport.

Why not start the season and take the pledge to be more encouraging at your kids match. This way you commit to implementing a healthier and sustainable pathway to success, which falls on the shoulders of everyone involved with Kids Sports – especially Parents. TCD wants to insure that Kids Sport can be enjoyed in a safe and...

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