Spain V Ireland Stats

Jun 15, 12 Spain V Ireland Stats

Spain were clearly the better side  – so much so, that the tactical battle was almost non-existent. Ireland did well to get to half-time at only 0-1, but Spain wrapped the game up soon into the second half. Neither side did anything different or unusual tactically. Ireland never managed to string more then 5 passes before it broke down. Trapattoni’s approach will be questioned.

Spanish passing

It’s also worth pointing out how dominant Spain were with their passing. They completed more passes than any side has in a single game in European Championship history, while Xavi took the same record for an individual player. The difference in passing between the two sides was not unexpected, but still extraordinary.

  • 859 – Spain set a new record for most passes in a match at the Euros (previous most was 778).
  • 136 – Xavi made 136 passes tonight, the previous most recorded at the European Championships was 117 (Koeman vs DEN in 1992).

Game Stats

  • Pass Accuracy: Spain 92%  – Ireland 69%
  • Aerials won: Spain 50% – Ireland 50%
  • Ball Possession:  Spain 76% – Ireland 24%
  • Total Shots: Spain 27 – Ireland 06
  • On Target: Spain 15 – Ireland 02

Player Stats

Xavi vs Cox

  • 95% Pass Accuracy 67%
  • 136 Touches 14
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