El Rondo

Oct 13, 14 El Rondo

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I first heard of the meaning of ‘Rondo’ back in 2011, when Albert Benagies (Former head of Youth Development) came to Ireland with two FC Barcelona coaches. They put on two magnificent days of coaching for over 300 coaches. It was unbelievable experience to get that close to the Barca ethos & philosophy (particularly...

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COACHTALK: Footblogball with Jesus Enrigue Gutierrez Major ‘Guti’

This is an interview by Mark O’Sullivan with Jesus Gutierrez. Guti is educated at the highest level within the framework of the Spanish Football Federation. He worked for 5 years at the Real Madrid academy as head coach for the U 14- U 16 teams and is currently an instructor for coach education with the Madrid Football...

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Possession is Nine-tenths of the Game – By Inside Soccer

Dec 07, 12 Possession is Nine-tenths of the Game – By Inside Soccer

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Why us possession games in training?  The most basic reason for using possession games in training is because they are CLOSELY RELATED TO REAL GAME SITUATIONS. While there may be a compelling argument to hone technique with “choreographed” drills, it is in opposed situations where players have to problem-solve, analyze, decide...

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